Two of my children attended Crystal’s Theatre group and loved every minute of it. Crystal’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm involving the children in every aspect was something that the children loved the most. My children are still hugely involved in theatre today, but will always remember their first teacher and their first experiences at a very young age with Crystal.


Mrs E Hawkins

Our daughter Hannah attended Crystal’s Theatre Company for over 2 years. During this time she learnt many dramatic techniques which she enthusiastically demonstrated to as wide an audience as possible!

Her confidence grew as a result of this and she participated in a stage show which was well received by the wider community. Hannah’s confidence has continued to develop from this excellent start and she now happily performs in school productions. She really enjoyed being part of a Theatre Company which contributed to her overall confidence as she moved up to secondary school.


Mrs L Armstrong

With Crystal’s direction and support Myles not only grew as a performer but as an individual. He was always so excited to go to his weekly sessions and returned full of pride after each and every session. We are so sad that Crystal moved away as she could have been working with my daughter.


Mrs S Dixon

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